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When a pressurised pipe is leaking a vibration is created at the point where the water is exiting the pipework. This vibration travels through the length of the pipeline and dissipates over the distance. The noise that results from this vibration can be conveyed into the pipes surroundings.

Commercial and industrial businesses' use large amounts of water and gas annually. Therefore they have larger pipework infrastructure such as water services, fire services and gas services. When a leak occurs in this infrastructure if it is often under a concrete forecourt, in a warehouse, factory or office. These leaks often go undetected until the quarterly water bill is received or the fire service has its regulatory testing.

Thermal Imaging/ Infrared Leak Detection

We use thermal imaging cameras to assist in the diagnosing and detecting of leaks, and for locating hot water pipework in a non-invasive, fast and efficient manner.

Using tracer gas is a proven method of locating and pinpointing hard to find leaks. Tracer gas can be used in gas and water services, distribution networks, pipelines in buildings, heating systems, pressurised communication cables, gas-filled high voltage power lines, and landfill sites sealed with double membrane layers.

Leak correlators are an efficient and effective way to locate leaks in commercial, industrial and civil water services, and trunk main applications. Our system has class leading accelerometers (sensors), filter optimisation (automatic noise filter setting and frequency selection) and is setup for all pipe types and sizes that we use in Australia (Inc Cast, Asbestos, PVC, HDPE, Copper Etc.).

Do you have water damaged areas around your home or property? The source of water damage is often difficult to detect, however we have the experience and knowledge to assist you in undertaking a non-invasive investigation of all your pipework. This can include static testing, pressure testing and moisture readings around the affected areas of your property.

It is much easier than most people realise to cause a crack or complete separation of a pipeline. When this occurs in hidden or underground lines the ramifications of lost gas, liquid or effluent into the atmosphere, drain or watercourse are hazardous; however when it occurs above ground the risks to people can be very dangerous. 


Gas supply to our homes and businesses is crucial to everyday operation. It can supply our hot water, heating and cooking, operation of industrial boilers, ovens and other equipment. A gas leak can cause major disruption.

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