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Leak Detection

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When a pressurised pipe is leaking a vibration is created at the point where the water is exiting the pipework. This vibration travels through the length of the pipeline and dissipates over the distance. The noise that results from this vibration can be conveyed into the pipes surroundings.

At Priority Plumbing we have highly sensitive and specialised diagnostic and ground microphones that are designed to listen to the noise being emitted from the pipework. As with all our equipment, we have done a lot of research into the types of microphones we use and have put together a collection of microphone equipment that is effective in a broad range of scenarios.

It takes a lot of experience (along with the right equipment) to be fast and effective in pinpointing leaks on a water service, fire service or water main. Different pipes emit different sounds and the surroundings of the pipework also convey this noise differently. Our experience, when combined with the different types of acoustic leak detection equipment, means that we can pinpoint leaks effectively and reduce the time it takes to locate the leaks. More importantly, with pinpointing technology there is only a minimum resulting effect on the area when the repair is undertaken.


Diagnostic Microphones

We have a number of different specialized microphones we use to locate leaks. The diagnostic microphones are very sensitive and are used to diagnose and localise the leak to a specific area of a property. If there is a leak that is evident in a particular wall or under a paved surface which needs to be confirmed prior to excavation and repair, these are used to confirm that exact location. 


The leak depicted below was clearly heard throughout the whole house. Using the diagnostic microphone we were able to pinpoint the leak and remove one brick and, as you can see, we found the leak on a PEX Sleeve.


acoustic-leak-detection1 acoustic-leak-detection2 


The diagnostic microphone is used in many scenarios by our experienced Plumbers, including:

Diagnosing leaks on water services in domestic homes.


DSCN1259 DSCN1262


Locating leaks in walls and under floors.


DSCN1266 DSCN1267


Diagnosing leaks on commercial sites and on fire services.


DSCN0983 DSCN0985


Ground Microphones

We also have a number of different specialized ground microphones. These are more sophisticated and sensitive than the diagnostic microphones. The ground microphones have data loggers and histograms that can record and track noise readings in certain areas. These readings then allow a comparison of the different sounds that are not easily distinguishable to the ear. These microphones also have special foot probes for specific surfaces and an "elephant's foot" that shields wind and certain outside noises that can affect the detection of the leak.

The photos below demonstrate the ground microphone being used on a range of different surfaces; from asphalt to concrete to paving, in a garden area, and in domestic, commercial and/ or industrial application.


DSCN1275 DSCN1276


DSCN0974 DSCN0977


These photos illustrate a whole patio area damaged by water. Water is actually leaking out of the concrete in the adjacent shed 10 meters away. However the ground microphone pinpointed the leak and only a small area was excavated for the pipework repair.


P1060844 P1060856


This photos shows the section of copper pipe replaced.



S5 Box



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