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The equipment we use is the best available and has been developed especially to locate and report in the most efficient manner available.
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Leak Detection

Plumbing Services

Services to Plumbers

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Commercial and industrial businesses' use large amounts of water and gas annually. Therefore they have larger pipework infrastructure such as water services, fire services and gas services. When a leak occurs in this infrastructure if it is often under a concrete forecourt, in a warehouse, factory or office. These leaks often go undetected until the quarterly water bill is received or the fire service has its regulatory testing.

We understand and appreciate that time is money when there is a leak of a substantial size.

At Priority Plumbing we have experience in a large number of leak detection work on these types of premises, and in many different scenarios. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to enable us to detect, locate and find these leaks in larger pipework infrastructures. We have also acquired specialised equipment to assist in cutting down the investigation time on large water, gas and fire service leaks.


Fire services

Commercial and industrial fire services are important to the safety of those they are designed protect. They are rarely used but when required they must operate effectively. There are many fire services around Adelaide that are of considerable age and when they have their required pressure testing they often fail. This is a significant and concerning issue for property owners and the fire protection companies.

These fire services can be a patchwork of repairs and a mixture of different pipe materials such as copper, steel, cement lined ductile iron, asbestos, PVC etc. We have the equipment necessary to locate these leaks in a quick and efficient manner with the minimum impact on the operation of the commercial/ industrial premises.

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