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Leak Detection

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Gas supply to our homes and businesses is crucial to everyday operation. It can supply our hot water, heating and cooking, operation of industrial boilers, ovens and other equipment. A gas leak can cause major disruption.

Gas leaks may often be fatal too and avoiding such situations is the only remedy you should rely on!

We know how vital it is to avoid any health issue, fire explosion or other hazard that is caused by a gas leak because we are experts in detecting gas leaks in your home and business.

Have the gas mains recently been upgraded in your street and your service has been cut off? This means that a pressure test has been undertaken and failed.


Signs of a gas leak

  • High gas bills.
  • You will notice the pungent smell of gas.
  • You can hear a hissing sound coming from gas appliances or nearby areas.
  • Bubbling in a moist area and/ or dying plants could be the sign of a gas leak outside the home.


Location and repair of gas leaks

At Priority Plumbing we have the experience and specialised equipment to locate even the smallest of gas leaks. From standard pressure testing techniques to gas detectors and our tracer gas detection system, we will locate your gas leak effectively and efficiently with minimum disruption and in a non-invasive manner.

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