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Leak Detection

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Leak correlators are an efficient and effective way to locate leaks in commercial, industrial and civil water services, and trunk main applications. Our system has class leading accelerometers (sensors), filter optimisation (automatic noise filter setting and frequency selection) and is setup for all pipe types and sizes that we use in Australia (Inc Cast, Asbestos, PVC, HDPE, Copper Etc.).

The primary function of the leak correlator is to measure the time difference between the leak noise signals arriving at each sensor. The leak correlator determines the leak position by relating this difference in propagation (travel) time to the velocity of sound along the pipe and to the measured distance between the sensors.

In the correlation process, two sensors are deployed on pipe fittings positioned either side of the suspected leak location. Noise is created by the leak as it escapes from the pipe under pressure. This noise is conducted in both directions away from the leak through the pipe wall (as minute vibrations) and through the water column (as a pressure wave).

The leak noise travels at a constant velocity (V) which depends on the material and diameter of the pipe, and arrives first at the sensor nearest the leak.

The arrival time at each sensor is registered. The time difference (Td) between the two arrival times, combined with knowledge of the sound velocity which is provided by the pipe type and length, allows the leak position to be calculated by the correlator.

Depending on the environmental conditions, accuracy of leak pinpointing can be within centimetres. The principle of correlation can be defined by: L = ½ (D-(VxTd)) and is shown graphically below:



This photo shows the deployment of the two sensors either side of the suspected leak. One on the fire hydrant and one on the isolation valve upstream. The correlator then calculates the position of the leak. This is effective for distances of up to 400m.


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