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Our high quality CCTV units are some of the best available on the market. We use up to date technology to ensure that we are able to deliver the very best imaging in every situation. Our highly specialised equipment has been designed to fit almost every pipeline, providing our clients with visual evidence of pipeline condition every millimetre of the way.

Blocked and backed-up drainage pipes or a rundown pipeline are hazardous at the best of times. Most conventional methods of line clearing use time consuming and costly mechanical apparatus to complete the task.

At Priority Plumbing we spend a vast amount of time researching and developing the very best equipment and methods to quickly and effectively remove all forms of material from inside pipelines, boat hulls, tanks and pits, etc.

At Priority Plumbing our expertise has developed from our extensive history of locating and tracing lines, and detecting and locating pipework in all situations.  We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to locate, trace and detect all water service pipework, metallic pipes, and sewer and stormwater pipes. 

It is much easier than most people realise to cause a crack or complete separation of a pipeline. When this occurs in hidden or underground lines the ramifications of lost gas, liquid or effluent into the atmosphere, drain or watercourse are hazardous; however when it occurs above ground the risks to people can be highly dangerous. 

Regular attention to supply and drainage lines, tanks, and pits will ensure that you, your colleagues and/ or your business remain free of nuisance backups or blockages that cause both health and safety issues in addition to operational downtime. 

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