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Blocked and backed-up drainage pipes or a rundown pipeline are hazardous at the best of times. Most conventional methods of line clearing use time consuming and costly mechanical apparatus to complete the task.

The use of mechanical instruments in line clearing can result in often undetected damage - leading to high repair bills in the future. Priority Plumbing utilises only the latest non-mechanical equipment and techniques to clear and clean pipes. This not only results in a longer lifespan for the pipe, but also a more efficient and longer lasting free flow.

This leading edge and ready-to-go equipment results in us spending less time getting to and completing the job, ensures that we deliver workmanship of a high quality with longer lasting results, and an overall lower cost for our clients.

Even in the most sensitive areas (e.g., parks and gardens where root systems have caused major problems in vital drain or supply lines) we can get them running freely and safely without fuss or damage to valuable flora or the aesthetic appeal of the area.

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