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Have you come across a leak you cannot detect?

Thinking about jack hammering an entire portion of driveway because you suspect the leak is there?

About to knock a hole in a wall because you can hear a leaking pipe?

Have you spent half a day trying to locate a leak, are no closer, but still want to give your customer the outcome they desire?

Could you be making an expensive mistake???

At Priority Plumbing we have the knowledge, experience and specialised equipment to assist you in confirming the location of the leak. We locate leaks every day and we are Plumbers.

At Priority Plumbing we are here to assist and support the plumbing community.

We are here to assist you in helping your customer. Once we have located the leak, we allow you to repair the damaged pipework and for you to retain a happy customer.
Alternatively, if required, we can repair the leak but will only do so once you have been consulted.

Other services we provide to Plumbers include;


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