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High water bills; have you had a sudden increase in your water bill?

A high water bill or a sudden increase can be the result of a water leak. Signs which may indicate a water leak can include;

  • Constantly running water meter
  • Efflorescence (white salty build up) on concrete, paths, paving and walls
  • Timber floors rotting and/ or warping
  • Mould or mildew forming
  • Staining of carpet and floor coverings
  • Water seepage and/ or physical moisture in walls
  • Hissing/ dripping sounds at night
  • Water marks on ceilings
  • Peeling / blistering paint and crumbling plaster
  • Timber door frames and architraves swelling and splitting
  • Metal door frames rusting
  • Areas of the garden that are particularly lush and/ or constantly moist


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